Friday, December 22, 2006

Holidays.. Oh holidays!!

Yes, I am back blogging again.. it had been ages. I am gonna just have to blame it to my lack of motivation to blog when all I wanna do is just sleep and chill, haha.

I am currently back home in Ipoh and will not be in office till Jan 2nd!! Yay! Have to clear out my leave days, coz if I don't, my firm will take them back and burn it. Anyone who wants to catch up and are in town, do give me a call. I didn't plan any trips to anywhere at all coz' I was lazy to do so, and I found out too late that I can clear the whole week of Christmas (main reason is because I am a poor bitch la, no money :( Boo! Haha)

Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hols? What hols??!!

Hi all... I really had been too tied up with work lately. I am not working at MMHE like I thought I was the last time I updated my blog. Instead, I am working on another project involving a famous client. This means more work :( The client is demanding, and it doesn't help that the project covers 9 countries. I am worn out like non-other. My initial plan of taking this whole week off was ruined because of this project, and I had to beg my bosses to let me go off on Malaysia's public holidays... They wanted me to work this week actually, but I was adamant on not doing it. So, I drove back to good ol' Ipoh for the weekend till Weds and it was a good couple of days at home being pampered with homecooked food. Unfortunately, there were some phone calls on Monday-Wedsnesday and I still worked for a couple of hours everyday (sucks!).

Back to the grind today... eeewwww....

Monday, October 02, 2006


I had been MIA for a long time. Work. Enough said about it, don't think I need to bore anyone with a boring blog on what I do. Yup, job's been killing me.

I am now in Melbourne for a week. Have a slight cold, but this city is pretty, and the people in my office is nice. I don't have much to blog about actually, but just felt like coming here to tell everyone that I am very much alive, but since I had been assigned on projects, I had been just too occupied.

I am actually missing home now. I wish I can be just sitting on the couch like a big fat pig. That sounds pretty good right now. Haha.

Let's see if my wish of taking the whole week off during Raya week will happen. I am going back to MMHE in Johor Bahru for the next 6 weeks (minimum), but I think MMHE is closing shop for the Raya week. Think my break plans might just work out. Fingers crossed.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Potong Q.

I just can't help noticing how uncourteous Malaysians are. I am probably not the only one blogging about it, nor the only one to complain repeatedly. I try to tell myself that this is the difference that I would have to deal with on a daily basis should I decide to come back to Malaysia to work. Not that I am being a bitch about everything that is going on around me, but hey, Malaysians really have no friggin' manners. What ticked me off so bad in the last couple of days? Here goes:

Last Saturday noon at Esso gas station near Sunway - I was waiting for a car on the pump to move away from the gas pump since the station is decently full and there were no other pumps available. I left some space for the car before me so that he could reverse and get out. Out of the blue, this car just slotted in front of me. Being so patient and since it was a Saturday, I was ready to have a relaxing day and a good start to a weekend, I tried to chill out. NO. Can't do it. This guy need to know that I was there before him. Gave a loud honk, and indicated that to my blinking signal. That guy hesitated for a moment, but eventually zoomed off. You know when people zoom of and give their engine a loud rev (Vrrrroooomm), you know that they are pissed. I don't give a rat ass if he was pissed, coz I bet with you I was pretty angry at that time.

Second scenario that totally threw me off took place at the KL Central Train Station. I was switching trains from KTM over to Putra LRT, and was standing in line waiting to for the train to come. I was supposed to be the second in line to board, and there was quite a long line building behind me. If you ever been to Malaysia and boarded trains before, you would know that Malaysians are generally quite "kiasu" when it comes to rushing towards the entrance before even letting the passengers to disembark when the door opens. As the train approaches, this lady came out of no where and scooted right in front of me. It was a lil' past 715am, and I wasn't in my best of mood. Someone would have let it go, since I would board the train eventually anyway. NO, not me. I tapped on her shoulder gently, and just signaled her with by fingers to the back of the line. She scowled at me and made a grunt, but eventually moved to the back anyway. This action of mine brought some stares, and I saw some people whispering (*tsk* tsk*). What the heck? I don't care, it was her who was wrong, not me.

When will Malaysians ever learn?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I need to go to work.

The corporate slave industry has a new member as of 3rd of July - Wei Ming.

I started working last week, and so far things are still quite laid back as it is the usual honeymoon starting weeks. The people in my firm are great people, and all of them kept telling me to enjoy my beaching days as much as I can. I'm currently looking forward to go on a project soon, and according to my boss, it would be soon.

Since joining the work force, I had a new phrase added to my vocab - I NEED TO GO TO WORK. These are the couple of scenarios:

Late night at about 11-ish: It's getting late. Bed time, coz' I need to go to work.

Friends who are home and wanting to go out for yumcha: I can't, I need to go to work.

Workout sessions: No time, I need to go to work.

It's official - I am a corporate slave.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tum tee daaaa....

I am getting a lil' restless around the house. Had been kinda bored lately, but all is good.. haha. Been sleeping a lot, eating a lot, and just hanging out. Caught up with some DVDs, ran some errands, and read a book (The Traveller - John Twelve Hawks).

Less than two weeks... counting down. I don't know if I am ready to work.. had been thinking whether it was too soon for me to start. Somehow I am wanting to start, but on the other hand, I am kinda going - SHIT! Oh well, guess no more of those lazy days where I can wake up anytime I want for a whole good three months, or finish reading a book in less than 3 days.


Thursday, June 08, 2006


I got home about two weeks ago. Things back home are alright. Weather is hot, but I will have to deal with it. Sweating like a pig all the time, and it doesn't help when I have to do some labor-intensive work in the last couple of days. I had been in the process of refurnishing my room. Cleaned out a bunch of old stuff that I don't need, and threw out some old furniture. While I was doing so, I had this huge urge to repaint my room - which I did end up doing. Haha. Now my room is looking brand new with the new coat of paint, and much more room since it was cleared up. Thanks to Mum who helped me out a bunch with cleaning up, and thanks to Dad who sponsored the newly installed AC in my room. Now I have officially moved back into my "new" (or old) room :)

I talked to my boss at the beginning of the week, and we came to a decision that I will be starting my job in July. Yeah, think I better get my butt moving. I was contemplating whether I should sit around a lil' more before reporting in to work, or I should start in July. I ended up thinking that I had taken some time off already, and I have a full month in June to have a bit of time to chill out. Therefore, July is the month.

Will be in KL from today till early next week for some minor errands. Will be meeting up with some old pals from my interning days, and maybe some old maties from school if they are free from school or work. This weeekend will definitely fun tho... FOOTBALL madness is bound to start... late nights and no sleep for a month... That is something to call for a celebration.